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About 1933key - Who is 1933key?

Web Strategies Limited (WSL) started in 1995 as a database and intranet design service provider, offering computer network services and training. WSL developed into an online export service provider of wholesale computer-related products. WSL incorporated in 2002, and now offers pro-security pro-protect electronic equipment solutions around the globe.

Why "1933key"?

In 2005, a disturbing awaking about the events of September 11, 2001 (9/11) dramatically altered certain perceptions and convictions. After probing and appealing to friends, associates and contacts about the massive discrepancies and glaring falsehoods of the official conspiracy story - about what really happened on 9/11, a clear and decisive determination emerged which gave birth to 1933key.com.

The Mission: Herald the importance of understanding why and how globe changing events occur, with serious emphasis on why won't the U.S. government allow or conduct an investigation that answers serious questions about the 9/11 attacks. It cuts to the heart to think that the nation's leaders and administrators could have allowed or were involved with the attacks, and meticulously scheme with major media outlets to oppose truth, justice and liberty. Can human's history of unjust imperialism and tyranny repeat itself, again? Is it happening even now?

Our Aim

We've taken our commitment towards humanity and enterprise to a new level, with an aim to signify the memory of July 4, 1776, February 27, 1933 and September 11, 2001, by promoting free access to, and the sharing of, information relevant to liberty and truth for all people. 1933key.com does not endorse any particular political party line.

When mass media finds success in reporting the truth about government wrong-doings, 1933key.com will probably cease to be alarming. Until then, we choose not to hide our eyes, because complacency is NOT safe.

Declassified Gulf of Tonkin intelligence released December 1, 2005 now proves the US cooked military intelligence information, and blamed the North Vietnamese to enter a war. The US government and supporting main stream media convinced Americans to believe North Vietnam provoked USA into war after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Aug 1964. We must also remember German main stream media was hijacked by Nazi propaganda to convince enough Germans into believing communists burned the Reichstag parliament building in Berlin. Both of these false flag events represent tremendous lies and war-mongering of the highest degree, which allowed the real culprits to profit from converting fear-driven political power into terror, destruction and death.

1933key.com aims to highlight the history of February 27, 1933 in Berlin as it relates to 9/11 attacks by the importance of the honest media and information wars that empower(ed) political leaders to suspend rule of law for personal and political gain.

Our Services

1933key is a division of Web Strategies Ltd. (WSL), a privately held corporation involved in product development, import/export, and international marketing. WSL supplies electronic and computer technology to large and small resellers across the globe, and actively engage in citizen protection. From first contact through every communication and transaction, customers rely on the confidence of having us as their trusted partner across the Far East.

Technology Procurement:

We take extensive measures to find exciting and useful computing and electronic solutions for international importers and wholesalers. After compiling positive or negative factors applicable to vendors of certain industry and technology trends, we evaluate samples, collect technical information and make recommendations on marketability and sales strategies. Clients count on best-cost-quality comparisons to make purchasing decisions based on positions of strength. We go to great lengths to ensure that transactions are only with true manufacturers, who share our commitment to producing only the finest solutions. No more here today, gone tomorrow setbacks.

Product Development:

We ensure confidentiality and speed from idea to finished-shipping product. The products offered online are a select range of personal and commercial security products. Not featured online (yet still available) are hundreds of computer technology products we export for clients. We utilize our own design and assembly facilities, plus work closely with pre-qualified assemblers, depending on project requirements.

Quality Assurance:

We detail complete product specifications in all Purchase Orders and Proforma Invoices. After agreeing to pricing and delivery requirements of customers, we work from start to finish maintaining the highest level of quality for all purchases. We certify the inspection and testing of all shipments, confirming and debugging all special technical concerns to ensure continued satisfaction.

Professional Packaging:

We offer complete high quality designs, digital photography and printing at the most competitive prices. In most cases our clients can appreciate a savings of 40% to 60% over comparable rates in the United States, Europe and Australia. All we need is a hand drawn idea, or possibly a sample of a customer's ideal packaging, and we can submit within 10 working days a complete layout for approval.

Promotional Materials:

Taiwan's most competitive costs for catalogs, brochures, stickers, point-of-purchase displays as well as other printed material provide usual savings of over 50%. Delivery times from idea to layout to finished product can usually be accomplished between 14 to 21 days. We have the experience and ability to put together complete professional marketing packages... whatever it takes to make our partners' efforts successful.

Offshore Marketing:

We enjoy helping customers design and develop international marketing projects, ranging from technology-promotion kiosks to large cargo displays. We also help facilitate shipments of such projects directly to customers world-wide from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. It's a pleasure to assist clients to find OEM product ventures and corporate premium give-aways as well as represent new channels for additional worldwide markets for specialized products.
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