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IF German media reported the real truth about the Reichstag Fire and Hitler's policies starting in 1933, would WWII and the holocaust ever have happened? 

We believe that if the German media propaganda arm from 1933 to 1945 was not as successful in censoring news stories unfavorable of party agendas, more German citizens would have seen through the 'patriotic homeland propaganda' and resisted the policies in whatever way they could. Many brave Germans gave their lives trying to disrupt the party machine and organize resistance. We honor the White Rose Society, and hope you too will be inspired by their bravery to confront mainstream lies concerning quasi-patriotic policies and practices of today's tyrannical forces seated in power.


IF American media reported the real truth about 9/11 and Bush/Cheney's (PNAC/AIPAC) policies, how many lives and liberties would have been preserved?
We believe that patriots are not defined by the bumper stickers or holding hot dogs in the left hand during the National Anthem, but by sharing with other concerned citizens the dangers and consequences of accepting illegal and even more so immoral policy of their governing officals. It takes courage and faith to believe that a government can be 'by the people, for the people'. How soon will it be before a majority of Americans unshackle the modern mainstream news propaganda regarding 9/11 and demand an honest inquiry into those fateful attacks?

Certainly problems in government started well before 9/11, but that one event on September 11, 2001, directly empowered a privileged few to exponentially expand their own family fortunes.
Will it be the Enron-Bush-Exxon-Cheney connections, CIA headquartered WTC7 demolition, illegal pre-emptive wars, inhuman torture, or marshal law? Which catalysts do we need to realize that we as a people have to unite for truth.
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